Is Living Together As Healthy As Being Married?

This factor predicts everything from personal growth to emotional stability above and beyond initial well-being according to a new longitudinal study. “The effect of relationships on our psychological and physical health is much stronger than any other factor you can think of,” says Emre Selcuk of Middle East Technical University in Turkey. “For instance, the effect of the existence and quality of close relationships on mortality is larger than that of cigarette smoking.” Selcuk and Anthony Ong have been trying to workouts figure Max Workouts ebook out which unique aspects of relationships contribute to this effect. Specifically, they are interested in “perceived partner responsiveness” the extent to which you think your partner genuinely wants the best for you. This perceived support is distinct from how much support you actually receive from your partner. Past research has shown the more partner support someone receives, the more at risk that person is for all-cause mortality.

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